In January 2019, I have published my magazine on the history and development of “cmm360”, a platform all about customer experience. For this, I interviewed Claudia Gabler, an expert of the industry who has been heavily involved in building the magazine and the network around it. I also visited the production of printed magazines and interviewed the CEO of the printing company. Following the publication of my own magazine for which I was in charge of the entire layout and content, the “cmm360” published an article featuring my interview with Claudia Gabler about digitalization. Besides that, at VitaRealm Beauty, four blog articles written by me on the topics of beauty and skincare have been published. For these publications, I took into account important keywords to further improve the SEO performance of the website. Additionally, Branding, an event management and marketing company, published nine articles written by me on the topics of event management, marketing and public relations.