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Working at Amazon Web Services, my project team and I created digital roadmaps where we aligned digital programs and use cases to enabling technologies and partners. These digital transformation strategies help the sales organisation to better advise customers on how to use cloud computing, AI and other technologies as business drivers.

Alongside the Swiss company Victorinox, inventor and producer of the original Swiss Army knife, I developed my Bachelor’s thesis on the topic of digital transformation. Specifically, I investigated the digitalisation trend in Switzerland, and how it impacts the digital transition at the workplace experienced by employees in small and medium-sized businesses. As I own all rights of my thesis, I am able to share more insights on this project hereinafter.

The megatrend of digitalisation is forcing Swiss SMBs to adapt and digitise their processes. To accelerate, automate, and standardise human resources’ development, Swiss SMBs implement Learning Management Systems without knowing what problems their employees might face in accessing and using them. Employees aged between 45-65, in particular, struggle when exposed to new digital systems, which disadvantages them compared to younger staff who grew up using digital systems. The problem analysis illustrated that critical underlying causes for employees’ problems in accessing and using an LMS are their mindset, attitude, and fears. If older employees adapted their mindset and attitude, and if their fears were reduced, they could be motivated to use the LMS, which would lead to more digital skills, comfort in using the system, and trust in the system and their own capabilities. To achieve this change, a learning campaign has been co-created with user-designers who are served, who serve, and who are affected. This learning campaign achieves the goal of motivating employees to use the LMS, as shown by this employee’s feedback: “This campaign would absolutely motivate me to use the LMS because the learning experiences are optimally aligned to my work and show me that I can learn digitally.” From a broader perspective, these findings and the solution offered might inspire any Swiss SMB that has implemented an LMS already, plans to implement an LMS, or employs a significant number of older staff. According to a technology consultant, the final solution has inherent value for Swiss SMBs because it facilitates the employees’ digital transition, something which can no longer be ignored or postponed. After all, we live in the digital age and operate in an ever-evolving digital economy in which the gaps between those who currently profit from digital solutions and those who do not cannot be underestimated. Interventions such as the learning campaign can allow all employees to benefit from digital opportunities and consequently bring about a more sustainable and inclusive digital future. 

Below, are more visual insights into the thesis project.

Industry: eLearning
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